Remoku - A Web App for Remote Control of Roku Players

Copyright 2012-2023 A. Cassidy Napoli . All rights reserved, licensed under the Simplified BSD License Terms.

What it does

  • Will discover and control Rokus on a local network, configures itself with minimal user input
  • Supports all features found on the newer Roku remotes, except game remote functions (motion, A and B)
  • Supports direct text entry
  • Supports mobile and desktop browsers
  • On devices with keyboards, keyboard shortcuts are available, see step 3 below for reference
  • Works on recent versions of most major browsers


  • Just an up-to-date browser!

Getting Started

  1. Browse to
  2. The first time you use Remoku you'll need to scan for Rokus, or manually add one in Settings before you can use the remote:
  3. After setup, you can start using the remote by clicking on the remote icon and using the image below for reference: